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We Serve under privileged families
individuals with disabilities,
at-risk youth

The Foundation is only successful through the generosity of individuals and corporate donors, as well as the care and consideration of its volunteers who help us deliver our mission.

Share-A-Life Foundation

Investing in the Individual, Building Strong Families and Encouraging Healthy Communities, Providing Hope to Children, this is Share A Life Foundation, Inc. We service: Mississippi, Texas, Missouri, Arizona & Indiana.


To be committed to ensuring that opportunities for growth and development are available to everyone by working with them to define and solve the problems we as people face today while creating real and lasting change for our communities. We provide the tools for people to live happier and healthier lives.

Trainer Counseling
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Smoothie Empowerment


To raise awareness of the way of life and the challenges adults and youth encounter


Share A Life Foundation operates under the philosophy that we are responsible for helping communities. Our organization strives to strengthen communities, make the underprivileged aware that they deserve to be free and deserve to recognize & experience their hidden gifts.


A charitable organization exists for and is responsible to the community it serves, recognizing that people are individuals with changing needs. It seeks innovative approaches that are accessible and responsive, emphasizing each person’s wholeness and uniqueness.

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